The perfect gentleman

Created by Diane one year ago

I first met Peter when I was about nine, and some of my earliest memories of him revolve around the spectacular fireworks he bought for my twin brother and me! A few years down the line I used to love staying with Marie and Peter in Bentley, Doncaster, and going to the allotment with Peter to water the gladioli. The allotment was a big part of his life, and he was a much loved and respected member. Later on were many visits to their homes in Darfield, Ripon and Clitheroe, where my husband and I were always made very welcome. I particularly remember their Silver Wedding Anniversary, in Ripon, where Peter had put on an enormous array of potted plants to welcome their visitors. Green fingers to the fore again! We took Marie and Peter on a holiday in Wales, also to the Cotswolds, and Peter was always so interested in everything, and enjoyed knowing the history behind things. Later on we took Peter to France, and boy, did he enjoy it. I remember going to the supermarket and we chose a large chicken, which seemed very good value, until we got to the checkout and realised it was the price per kilo, not the chicken. Peter had an overspend, too, at one of the wine chateaux, where he spied, and purchased a very good vintage, only to find he had been looking at the price on the wrong shelf! That must have been his most expensive bottle of wine ever. We often remembered that incident and has a good laugh. There were other fun things too, like passing the Domaine Grosse Pierre - (big Peter, to put it kindly), which amused us, and so many other incidents. We often stopped to buy postcards too, as Peter was arduous in sending them to so many friends from whom he had received holiday postcards in the previous few years. 

When we went for a meal, Peter always wanted to pay, and it was a game to see who could get the bill first. He would also buy wine from his local wine-seller, only to present it to my husband when he got back home. Another thing we remember is the way everyone we passed in the street would stop to speak to him, some whose children or grand-children he had taught. He was so courteous and his generosity of spirit was greatly appreciated, and leaves a lasting impression on us, and many other lives he touched. The perfect gentleman.